The beard is a key element in the appearance of men, and depending on the style and the way it is presented, it can make a great change in the face. Depending on the shape of a person’s face, the type of beard that best suits and looks best will also vary. For example, elongated faces suit knobs, oval ones, mustaches or beards for three days better, while squares are better for long sideburns. The trick is to enhance certain features and disguise others to add contrast and relevance to your face.

Even though the fashion for hipsters has been left behind for years, many men today decide to leave a beard. This has been a constant throughout history, wherein each era, leaving beauty on your face, has meant different things and has been considered both a sign of nobility and a sign of neglect and poverty. But the most important thing is to establish a daily beard care routine so that it is always clean, smells good and looks clean, that’s why we leave you some tips to achieve it.

Wash your beard with soap

Hygiene is very important, especially when it comes to beards, where many bacteria and dirt can accumulate. Our face is our letter of introduction in society, and our beard is the protagonist, especially if it is leafy. That is why you have to take care of it and keep it clean with specific soaps and not with the same hair shampoo. It establishes a routine that has to be washed every day.

Hydrate your beard with oils

Once we have a clean beard, we can complement the care routine with products that hydrate it and improve its appearances, such as lotions or moisturizing oils. Natural oils also have properties to restore your beard’s vitality, provide shine, and a healthier appearance. You can also choose the conditioner to prevent facial hair from being damaged or, if it already is, to repair the damaged cuticle.

Trim and groom your beard

To have a good-looking beard, you also have to periodically fix it to avoid being too long or scruffy. To do this, you can use an electric razor to give some touches, a profiling blade, or scissors to cut dissonant hairs.

Brush your beard

Brushing is very important to maintain the care of your beard. Use a specific brush, always with flexible and well-separated bristles, which will help you regulate the fat in your beard and achieve healthier skin. Also, a brush will help you train hair follicles to grow facial hair in a uniform direction. It is recommended to brush it with a clean beard to avoid pulling hairs.

Go to the barber

If you do not feel able to keep your beard groomed or think you need help, it is best to go to a barber. He will know how to solve what you do not know and solve your doubts through professional advice. It can also recommend the products that best suit your facial hair and skin. The service indeed comes at a price, but in return, you will have an impeccable beard.

Beware of food

It may seem like a joke, but you have to be very careful with your food, especially in long, thick beards. It is very easy for food scraps to fall when chewing, and even if they are tiny crumbs, it can give us a scruffy look and can even affect personal hygiene.