Energy saving measures and improvement of energy efficiency in buildings

In this article you will get to know about the knowledge and energy efficiency measures necessary to be able to design an efficient building from the perspective of savings. 

Improvement measures in existing buildings

Improvements of the thermal envelope. With them, it is possible to reduce the energy losses or gains of the house digital signage malaysia, so that in summer the heat flow from the outside to the inside is reduced and in winter it is avoided to lose the heat from the inside to the outside, optimizing the energy behavior of the thermal envelope and bringing down energy demands for heating in winter and cooling in summer, these measures are as follows:

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Replacement of the carpentry and glasses. In such a way that carpentry with thermal bridge break, double glazing systems with climalit-type air chamber, glasses with a low solar factor or low emissivity are arranged with a treatment that manages to reflect a large part of the solar radiation they receive and therefore both significantly reduce the load that solar radiation can enter the interior of the building. It is recommended to install shutter drawers with thermal insulation included and shutters with slats with insulation inside. 

Properly isolate the areas with thermal bridges interactive digital signage. That is to say, as in the enclosures, in the areas where the enclosure is interrupted and loses its thermal inertia, the insulation must be reinforced, in shutter drawers, encounters with pillars, encounters with slabs, and especially in those buildings in those that to place radiators for heating, there was the bad practice of creating a niche under the windows reducing their thickness and leaving the enclosure thermally unprotected.

Improve the ventilation conditions of the building and the spaces under cover. In general, it is always advisable to carry out adequate ventilation to guarantee indoor air quality. In warmer climatic areas, this ventilation is even more important especially in summer, being convenient to carry out natural cross ventilation and night ventilation, so that energy loss will be achieved and the heat accumulated in the enclosures during the day will be dissipated, by it is therefore advisable in old buildings in these areas to improve their envelope in order to improve their permeability and reduce their tightness, while in colder climates the reverse should be done, reducing permeability and increasing tightness.

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Improve performance in lighting facilities and other electrical equipment. By replacing the lamps with other low-consumption and highly energy-efficient ones, and having lighting control systems, the rest of the electrical consumption equipment and household appliances, it is convenient that they have an energy rating of a or higher. Do not use the stand-by mode of electrical appliances and completely turn off appliances when you are using them because they continue to consume energy

Improve the heating and hot water distribution network.   In addition to isolating the pipes from the distribution network, incorporating thermostatic valves in the radiators helps reduce heat losses and achieve a more efficient installation. It is also convenient for the installation’s regulation and control equipment, such as switches, programmers or thermostats, to be easily accessible and to be correctly programmed.


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Everything will depend on the type of hair. For example, cold and condensation effect curly hair more, as they are drier manes, and together with the fact that it is more fragile hair in itself, it can become more porous: it breaks, dries out, and can become rougher. However, if you have healthy straight hair, the cuticle (the outermost part of the hair fiber mmc996 thai), due to the shape of its follicle, is more closed than healthy curly hair and loses less hydration.

Specifically, the cold and low condensations make the curls even drier if we do not protect them. In smooth manes, it also influences since if it takes all the humidity, the hair will be more curly, and unwanted undulations and static electricity will appear. Learn now about all the tips to protect your hair and prevent it from frizz during winter:

Moisturizes with mask after washing

In the cold months, maintaining capillary hydration is essential to keep it controlled. Go on with your routine and if you feel it drier than normal, add a hydrating and nourishing mask to your routine, from medium to ends to prevent the root from getting greasy, and if you feel too much weight, use it before washing. This treatment will help you counteract dryness and frizz, typical winter effects.

Avoid detangling hair dry

If you want to avoid frizz, try not to detangle your hair when it’s dry. It is better to moisten it or directly wet it. Comb it from end to root with a natural hair bristle brush. 

Towel drying electrifies it

Dry your hair but never do it in a forced and strong way. This system of rubbing the hair with the towel all it does is electrify the hair and promote frizz. Also, wet hair is very delicate, and we risk breaking the fibers. In this case, the best thing is to use a microfiber towel to remove the moisture, and this will take less time to dry the hair. 

The dryer always with distance

Many times we spend minutes and minutes with the hairdryer in front of the hair, without taking into account that, in this case, the distance does matter. The heat from the dryer can dry out the hair a lot. It is recommended to keep it 20 centimeters away from the hair and adjust it to a medium temperature. It is important to dry it 100% before going outside, apply a heat protector to retain hydration and do not dissipate with the heat of the dryer or the iron.

Cut the tips every two months

To avoid frizz, it is advisable to cut the tips every two months. This will prevent the ends from splitting, typical of curly hair. Also, keeping them healthy will prevent hair breakage.